My name is Will. I'm 22 and live in Florida.

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"It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality."
September 1st
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00:51 Eastern

gotta stay high all my life to forget im missin youuuu 

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"i cant wait to ignore him"

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thank you to weed for allowing me to completely isolate and discard unwarranted feelings and reveal insights i had not previously thought of 

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"I feel an unhappiness which almost dismembers me, and at the same time am convinced of its necessity […]"
—  Kafka, Franz -
August 31st
23:52 Eastern

i think my wake up call on the horrors of vyvanese was when i saw that the side effects included “uncontrollable crying” 

23:46 Eastern

sitting on the floor gives you an interesting perspective 

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23:35 Eastern

is chugging beer a talent?

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a message from Anonymous

to that last anon: drinking can definitely induce panic attacks if you're prone to them. it could, but it also might not. i'm prone to panic attacks and i can't drink/smoke for that reason because my panic attacks are 10 times worse when i'm under the influence. but everyone is different. just be careful and if you think you're starting to panic, stop.

great advice! i concur, moderation and self-awareness are key